Cryptocurrency Price Widget

Gives you a customizable Cryptocurrency Price Widget for website with ⚡live real-time price update and flexible settings.

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Why use Cryptocurrency Price Widget?

Does not consume resources of your site, written in pure JavaScript. Calculations and data are processed on a 3rd-party server. Real-time streaming stock price update and flexible settings — it's looks like amazing and beautiful.


  • Pure JavaScript ~ 9.8kBytes (gzip), no dependencies;
  • Flexible settings and customizable design;
  • Real-time streaming price update;
  • Processed on a 3rd-party server;
  • 3,072 cryptocurrencies and 162 fiat currencies;
  • SSL support;
  • IE9+ support;
  • SEO-friendly.


The installation of the widget is very simple. Below is the form with the settings. Select the desired options and click on the «Copy this code» button. You can see examples, also read about options and FAQ.


↓ Copy this code ↓

Widget script

Attention! Do not modify this code because widget will do not work.





This product is distributed under MIT license.
You can use this widget for free on your sites. Nevertheless, due to the fact that we take on all the workload (3rd-party server), we need to pay for the equipment and we would like to receive from you, something in replacement, for example, set the backlink on widget website.